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B R U C A S   A P P R E C I A T I O N   W E E K

↬  the moment that broke your heart: good news for people who love bad news (4x03)

i guess i was wrong. i’m not the guy for you brooke davis.”

i decided to make a comment on this and why i made this gifset. sure there were many moments that broke my heart, but this scene tore me apart. the truth is this was the moment i knew that lucas didn’t know brooke at all. he didn’t know how much love and honesty she’d put into their relationship and he never knew how much she sacrificed for him. she had fought for him- by her actions (though not all were good). he always chose words to win her over and eventually telling someone you love them just isn’t enough. you know what they say “actions speak louder than words”. he just never really knew how to show his love to her and that was when it finally sank in that they weren’t going to have a happy ending… lucas wasn’t the guy for brooke, but brooke was the girl for lucas. and he could have been if he had loved her enough (to keep on fighting).

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