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i'm never sure when i'm going to post. i just do when i see something i like, but that doesn't mean i'm not on tumblr. this blog is pretty much multifandom with lots of marvel/dc, chris evans, sophia bush, and oth.

i. i love editing and giffing but i get lazy with it because that's who i am. currently working on: fave celeb meme: chris evans

ii. watching: that 70's show (season six)

iii. reading: city of heavenly fire (tmi series), white space, and until i die

For Christmas this year all I want is for each and every one of you to be happy so I hope you all have the best of time on this lovely day. A special thanks goes out to bruna, ranger, aubrey, angel, arielle, tana, and kate! Thank you so much for making this a better year than what it would have been.

Also I would like to point out the following blogs: glitterlikegolds, somer-halders, comealongroes, rachelberry, teambrookedavis, davisbakers, harryshumjrs, piperhalliwell, talizorrah, samsandrea, darren-criss, stefanslvtore, summercohen, peytonswyer, sophiebush, brookepd, samswarek, tylerhoechlins, ccaptain-oats, dearolines, rebeccacaffrey, swifterly, sunshinekinneyy, onetrueslayer, isaac-sleighey, prettybutt, leave-me-hypnotized-love, tobesregbo, clarissafrayes, wesleyaccola, krisfurillo, oneetreehiill, thequeenofdrama, snowflakelena, theasroy, amellywood, roerigzach, and theodoresmosby.

Even if you’re not on this list that doesn’t mean this isn’t for you either because I love all of you! These are just the people/blogs that have made one of the worst years of my life bearable.

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