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i'm never sure when i'm going to post. i just do when i see something i like, but that doesn't mean i'm not on tumblr. this blog is pretty much multifandom with lots of marvel/dc, chris evans, sophia bush, and oth.

i. i love editing and giffing but i get lazy with it because that's who i am. currently working on: fave celeb meme: chris evans

ii. watching: mad men

iii. reading: city of heavenly fire (tmi series), white space, and until i die

People care about my personal life. But really I’m dorky! I drink beer and go to football games. And ya know, sit in my house in a t-shirt on the weekends and play with my dog!

i’m thinking about doing a brooke and peyton set for bdavisaw as well. i was going to do both but i went to bed early. idk.

Four, stop! Stop! Stop! Please!

It’s okay. It’s okay. I love you. It’s okay.

my tumblr summed up in 6 questions

URL: bethanylenz

top 4 fandoms you’ll see:

  1. one tree hill
  2. marvel/dc
  3. arrow
  4. teen wolf 

top 3 celebrities you’ll see:

  1. sophia bush
  2. chris evans
  3. katie cassidy

top 3 other topics you’ll see:

  1. bethany joy lenz things
  2. puppies
  3. funny things about me
do I make graphics?: i do, but i haven’t in a long time.
my ask box is: waiting for you

Earlier tonight when we were digging in trying to find grand’s ring to give it to Andy, Violet was like “I don’t need a ring to prove to the world that you’re mine” and all I kept thinking was ‘Jesus, please, sweet baby Jesus, put that ring on Holly’s finger, before it winds up on Violet’s’.

brooke davis appreciation week
↬ day one: [favorite scene]
you’ve dug your own grave, now lie in it

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